Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Romper - Corduroy!

This is some more of that great corduroy fabric. I've had this pattern all summer - I was just waiting for the girl to stop growing so I'd know what size to make it! The bodice is completely lined, so there's no itchy parts, but the ties are my favorite part!! A headband is coming up next.

Jingle Dog Collar

At Christmas, we bring our beloved lab, Dan, to the local retirement home and visit with the "inmates". The kids' bring them goodie bags and Dan gets lots of love. I found a picture of a Chihuahua wearing a crocheted jingle collar and just knew Dan would have to wear one this year.

Playing in the rain

We've been enjoying the rain since yesterday. The kids have been begging to use their umbrellas and raincoats, so during a lull in the thunder, we rushed out to play "Off to school". They'd give me a kiss and head off to school in the rain.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Corduroy Jumper

Found this fantastic corduroy fabric at walmart last year for $1 a yard. I knew it would make the perfect fall jumper!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kitchen Aid Mixer Cover

My dear friend Cyndi asked me to make her a cover for her Kitchen Aid mixer. This is what I came up with!

Here's a link to the "pattern" I used.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby booties

These little booties were made for our friends. I found some super soft yarn at Hobby Lobby so I've been pumping out booties like crazy! The ribbon just makes them even more girly!

Girls' Hand-smocked and Hand-beaded dress

I made this little dress for some friends. They're expecting their first in only a few weeks. It was the first time I'd incorporated beads with the smocking, but I was extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Although a bit tedious, the results were well worth it! Be sure to click on the image for a close-up!

My roses

In addition to crafting, roses are my hobby. They're a lot of work, but no store-bought bouquet compares to a display of fragrant blooms brought in straight from the backyard. This GIANT pink bouquet is from some of my Princess Diana bushes. The blooms are so large, you can see they dwarf that big pack of gum.

My hand at smocking

Ooh, my OTHER new addiction, in addition to crochet. My dear friend, Jnet, constructed and pleated this dress for me and I smocked and hemmed it. It was a team effort, and it turned out beautiful!

Purse and matching Scottie

Every fashion icon needs a pup in her purse. The purse pattern is on - it's the "Jordy" pattern. The Scottie pattern can be found at

My daughter's Embroidery Work

I'm not the only one who loves crafting! My 5 year-old daughter has the bug, too. She's been working on this butterfly and her talent is obvious!

I forgot to add that this embroidery pattern was one I found in the box from Aunt Patti. See, I told you we'd put it to good use!!

Green eggs and ham

No kid has lived until they've eaten green eggs and ham! Scramble the eggs then add blue food coloring (not necessary to add yellow - the eggs are already yellow!). Cook as usual! YUM!

Messenger Bag

I've had this fabric for about 3 years. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it - I just didn't know what to do with it! It's got turquoise and white embroidered daisies all over it... when I found the tutorial for the messenger bag on, I know just which fabric to use! It's fully lined - and it's going to my sister-in-law for her birthday. Shh!!

Baby Bubble in Toile

Super cute and summery "bubble". The fabric for this was so amazing... a pink toile! Another Children's Corner pattern.

Infant outfit with ties

I made this outfit for my daughter's dance teacher. She had a baby only weeks before the recital and still managed to pull it off! The dress is the "Frannie Baby" pattern by Children's Corner. The fabric is a fabulous eyelet with purple flowers. I used grosgrain for the ties. I added matching accessories because no outfit is complete without matching shoes!