Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowman Plate Craft

Found this idea online somewhere - years ago!! Just use 2 paper plate... cut the rolled edge off for the face, use some fabric strips and buttons for accents, and voila! Pictured here with our friend from North Carolina, Ms. Flat Aubree!

Perler bead T-Rex

The boy was so proud of this... and for a 6-year-old boy to invest more than 30 minutes on anything that's NOT electronic, well, I'm pretty proud, too!!

PJ Set for Nephews - With Initial

My brother and sister-in-law had twins back in May so I figured they needed a way to tell them apart 10 Christmases from now... felt appliqued initials! I just bought some white T-shirt onesies (regular T for the toddler), ironed some interfacing underneath, and stitched a felt cut-out on top. I will definitely be using this technique again!

Puppets and bag

This set is for my nephew... Mandy, don't peek! I just searched online for puppets, and with a few attempts, I was able to come up with a variety of animals. But animals weren't enough. My nephew loves to wear a cape and be "SUPER WILL", so I figured he needed a Super Will puppet, too!

Bib and matching booties

I've been practicing applique. This set is for my son's guitar teacher. The fabric has little guitars on it - how perfect! To make it more boyish, I used a denim fabric to tone it down.

Jewelery Pouch

Well, I got a crazy vision on how to create a jewelery pouch (like the one's "Thirty-one" sells). This was my first attempt, and I'm okay with the way it turned out. I was more concerned with how to insert the zippers and maintain the "fully lined" look. Definitely going to try making some more of these. Great stash buster! And if you can find zippers 50% off, you've got a great gift for a buck!

Christmas PJ pants

Ahh, the PJ pant tradition continues! This year, I made a total of 9! The trend is catching on :)

Matching Mom and Daughter Aprons

I've never been big on aprons... until my aunt found a vintage style pattern that I fell in love with! She made a few suggestions (she's a connoisseur and lifetime wearer) and this was the result. It's completely reversible and the ruffle at the bottom is actually a flounce. To make it reversible, I just put the buttonholes on the apron, and the neck strap has several buttons on each side (so you can remove if you want to reverse the apron, but also to make the size adjustable).

The child's apron is slightly different. I recently visited a craft show with my mom and one of the vendors was selling these adorable child's aprons. It's a simple smock style apron, but the straps are a satin ribbon. And instead of sewing the ribbon in place, there's a casing along each underarm side. Insert the ribbon at the bottom side opening, send it out the top at one neck side, then send it back down the other neck side, and out the opening at the other underarm. To secure, just pull the sides - it adjusts the entire apron to grow with your budding chef! Sounds a little confusing, but it makes the apron completely adjustable, and oh, so easy!! Just be sure you have a really looooong ribbon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smocked Bishop for Thanksgiving Dinner

I finished up this bishop literally the morning of Thanksgiving for my daughter! They're so classy... it was worth the effort.