Monday, November 29, 2010

Camo Cake

The boy asked for a special ops helicopter cake... he got a camo cake, instead! Made with a million star dots!!

FOUR hours and a BOTTLE of wine later... voila!

Halloween Luminarios

Found this idea in one of those recipe idea books that you find at the check-out. They were so easy. Recruited the kids to help with the cutting and pasting. That was they're ante for making me go trick-or-treating with them!!

Why, YES! I CAN make sushi!!!

My awesome cousin, Alicia, taught me and supplied me with all of the necessary know-how and gadgets to make sushi at home. And it's so much fun!! The kids got to pick what they wanted in them... and what they wanted omitted, more importantly!

Pumpkin Cake Pops

I WISH I could take credit for these!! My friend, Heidi, made these. I've been wanting to try for years, but was always intimidated. No longer!! Perhaps Frosty the Snowman pops - coming soon?

Pumpkin Nachos

How cute!! Just use a pumpkin-shaped (or any other shape) cookie cutter on a corn tortilla, top with cheddar (it's orange) and broil for a few minutes! Ghosts are also easy with mozzarella. The kids liked these so much, they requested them for lunch AFTER Halloween, too!