Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Girl Frannie

This is the big girl version of the Children's Corner "frannie baby" that I use so often. I made a quick ruffled short to go with it.

Smocked Mary De

Rainbow smocking!! And it turned out fantastic against the black! This is one of my favorites.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Jefferey

It was so easy I decided to make another one! This is some super cool fabric I got from Debra at Palmetto Kids. It's Huckleberry Finn! This outfit is for my nephew. He celebrates his first birthday this week!

Tried out a new pattern!

I finally got around to trying out a new Children's Corner pattern. It's the "Jeffery". The original pattern calls for a section of smocking across the front, but I wanted to try out the pattern before going through the trouble of actually sticking a smocked insert in there, so I just cut 2 lining pieces. It made the pattern extremely easy! Total time, cut to buttons was about 2 hours. It's fully lined and it has the cutest little tabs on the side. This is for a friends' kid. I hope he digs it!

Vintage Simplicity Pattern

I found this is in the stash I inherited from my grandmother. It's a 1976 Simplicity pattern, number 7407. It's crazy easy. One piece, and one lining. I used a different shorts pattern, though. This pattern came with a super short bloomers pattern, and I don't like that much leg to show! I made piping to go all the way around the edge... tedious, but worth it! I also tried out a new technique I found in an Australian smocking magazine. Instead of just attaching the ruffle to the hem of the shorts, why not throw an edge of piping to separate the ruffle from the fabric on the shorts. A very nice touch. I'll definitely be using that technique again!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cowboy Shirt

The boy has been telling everyone for the last month or so that he is going to be a "cowboy from Arizona" when he grows up. I have no idea what inspired him to (a) be a cowboy or (b) be from Arizona. I thought cowboys were from Texas? This is a Simplicity pattern, number 3852. It doesn't require you to top stitch around the yoke and sleeves, but I always do. The collar edges, too. It makes it look less "homemade".

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vintage PJ's

The girl has been asking me for new PJ's for about 6 weeks, now. They're never fun until I have something I want to try... if it doesn't work out, no one has to see it but the family! Well, I inherited this 1976 Simplicity pattern from my grandmother and I needed some placket practice before making another bishop. It turned out quite perfect. I must mention this fabric is probably 15 years old. I wanted to do something spectacular with it, but there just wasn't enough. There is some sheer pinstriping lengthwise throughout the fabric, and it's quite darling. Light and airy and perfect for summer!

Perler Bead Masterpiece!

The girl has been working on this for 2 days. She told her brother she'd make it for him... and with unparalleled vigilance and persistence (she IS only 6!!), she finally finished it. It quite possibly may have been the slowest and most careful walk EVER down the hall to the iron. Way to go, P!

Sweet Cherry A-Line

I'd seen an ensemble using the cherries and polka dots somewhere in a boutique a while back. Well, I completely swiped the idea and came up with my own version. The long ribbon thing is for her hair. The A-line is Simplicity's 4927 shortened to about 2 inches above the size 3 line. Usually I shorten it up about 5 inches, but this one doesn't have a ruffle, so it needed to be a little longer.