Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I got this fantastic idea from Jnet (who else?). The bookmarks are just a long piece of ribbon doubled over and decorated with a charm and some beads. They loop and the beads at the end act as a fastener. So you place the ribbon loop around your book or magazine then just slide the bead to secure. You can drop the book, fan the magazine, give to small children, and they still stay in place!

This pile is for the inmates at the old folks' home. We're planning on going for Halloween. Since they're not allowed to have candy, the kids and I are bringing in some magazines with those fancy bookmarks for them.

Crocheted Washrags

Well, a little old lady told me a few weeks ago that these 100% cotton washrags were just the best in the world. I figured it'd be a good way to try out new techniques. This is a Basket Weave Stitch... directions for those interested:

Ch 28 loosely
Row 1 - Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across: 26 sts.
Row 2 - Ch 2, turn; skip 1st dc (work FPdc around post of next 3 dc, work BPdc around the post of next 3 dc) repeat () across, hdc in top of beginning ch: 26 sts.
Row 3 - Ch 2, turn; skip 1st hdc, (work FPdc around the post of next 3 sts, work BPdc around the post of next 3 sts) repeat () across, hdc in top of beginning ch.
Rows 4 & 5 - Ch 2, turn; skip first hdc, (work BPdc around the post of next 3 sts, work FPdc around the post of next 3 sts), repeat () across, hdc in top of beginning ch.
Row 6 - Repeat Row 3. Weave in ends.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blueberry Jam

It's finally cool enough that making jam didn't seem like a monumental task! I made 2 batches of organic blueberry jam today. Yes, blueberry! Won't it make those everyday PB&J's seem so much more exotic!?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ocean Box

The girl has to make an ocean box for her Science Class. As the year goes on, she'll have to add different animals and geological details. Dad is even going to provide her with REAL sand for the ocean floor.

Tae Kwon Do Test

We've been really busy lately. We just got back from a trip to Nini's. It was so much fun. We got a chance to play with my nephew... he just turned 5 months.

The boy has really been involved with Tae Kwon Do. He had his first belt test last week and was awarded his white belt. Such an honor!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dorothy Halloween Costume

A friend's daughter wants to be "Dorothy" for Halloween. I'm going to surprise her with this when I go over this afternoon. It's my first successful attempt at a Peter pan collar. I changed the pattern a bit - I wanted the bodice to be lined. The lining actually made the collar go in easier - no hand-sewing the binding!!